Training Course in Palermo

Boosting the inclusion of young migrants and/or disadvantaged people through culture and volunteering activities is the ambition of the In&Out project.

After the launching of the project in Guadeloupe, in November 2017, the training for professionals and social workers working with young people and migrants took place in Italy, in Palermo, from 19 to 25 March 2018, organized by Cesie Organisation. The partners have pooled their skills and experiences in order to develop a transversal and innovative methodological approach to support the inclusion of young migrants through cultural workshops.

The training program includes several experiments:

- A series of workshops questioning the use of Non-Formal Education and how our culture influences the way we look at the world

- A Storytelling workshop through photography that develops the ability of young migrants to discover their cultural footprints in their hosting countries, to describe their perception and their life course and empower them as citizens and actors of the society

- Dance workshops to gain self-confidence, relive with others. and sometimes to overcome the trauma of disadvantaged or migrant youth

- Workshops of artistic expression. The approach is innovative, it brings together civil society organizations and artists to make visible social claims of citizens

- An experimentation of the Maieutic approach, which is a technique that intends to express hidden knowledge of the participants and to reinforce people's self-esteem

What is the follow up to the training?

The training brought together 33 professionals working with young people and migrants. Their task will now be to replicate the experiments with their usual target groups and propose improvements to the proposed methodology.

The results of the experimentation of these innovative methodological tools will be re-transcribed in a reference guide of good practices and published on this platform.

You also want to contribute to the improvement of the tools and methodologies? You will soon be able to download the first drafts on this platform and keep us informed of your results by e-mail:

Don't forget to follow the experiments of the cultural workshops of the project on the platform and the Facebook page of the project.