Storytelling Experimentation in Sweden – by DUG

Trying out the photo workshop in Sweden


“Social and creative!”

Those were some of the reactions from the participants when Dancers Without Borders tried the photo workshop from the Italian organization Beecom. There was a lot of laughter during the day, but also time to reflect. Time to reflect on yourself, photography, the others in the group, cultural symbols in our home city and – not least – who we are in this small, yet big and culturally intertwined world!

The group was mixed in age and many of the participants didn’t know each other from before. Therefore it was nice to get to know each other by discussing photography. Everybody had feelings and opinions about this topic since we are surrounded by photos all the time – just go outside the door or take up your smartphone and they’re there! Through the discussions, one of the teenagers could easily realize that she had a lot in common with the oldest participant in the group, and two others could be surprised of how similar their views were – or weren’t!

After setting the ground inside and by talking, it was nice to go outside and be creative. By combining different cards such as ‘gastronomy’ and ‘framing’ we had some rules to follow, but other than that we could use our imagination as much as we wanted to. “Cultural footprints” was a theme for all the photos and it was interesting to see how many different cultural symbols surround us all the time, everywhere.

By looking through a camera you can learn a lot about yourself, others and the world that we live in. This method was a fun way to discover that!