Storytelling Experimentation in Mugello – by Beecom


The workshop Beecom created for the European project In & Out was presented yesterday, on a very hot day in July, to a group of operators and beneficiaries of Mugello Migrant Reception Centers, the SPRAR .

The workshop, or the first of the three educational modules on the theme of integration that the Beecom association implements for the EU In & Out project, uses photography as a tool for exploring the spaces around us, integrating another perspective: cultural footprints.


But what are the "cultural footprints"?

A lot of the activities and reflections of the day of the workshop focused on the analysis of this complex and interesting subject. We examined it from an intercultural point of view, also thanks to the choice - appreciated by all participants - to work with a mixed group (composed of Italian and non-Italian).

An experience that will be interesting to repeat with the next two laboratories that we are working on and which will cover a storytelling game and a story-mapping, or how to use the cards as an instrument of meeting, dialogue and storytelling.