Some data about migration

When talking about migration, Europe usually has the feeling to be invaded, developing fears, ignorance and obstacles for the migrant people to get included in the hosting countries.


But what are the real facts?

Let's have a look at some data about migration (2017)

in Guadeloupe (France), Spain, Sweden, Tuscany and Sicily (Italy).

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*Updated context (Sweden - Mai 2019)

In May 2019 the Swedish government proposed to prolong the temporary law with two more years, meaning it would last until 19 July 2019. Some small changes will be made, but the reason with this strict law is still to limit the possibility to get asylum and residency in Sweden.

In July 2018 Sweden implemented a new law which made it possible for young migrants to apply for a residency in Sweden if they are part of the school system. This means that some migrants that were otherwise supposed to leave Sweden can stay in the country temporary.


Sicily Italy


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