RMA Experimentation in Spain – by Jarit

After the introductions, every participant spoke about their personal goals and dreams. Most of their dreams were related with their families, their professional goals here in Valencia and their Spanish language learning process.

After speaking about their dreams we introduced the concept of art and creativity. How have you developed up to now your creativity? What activities or practice do you develop regarding art and creativity? Most of the participants declared that they were related in one way or another to an artistic way of expression: painting, handcrafts, music, sculpture, etc. They expressed that this type of activities made them feel free and relaxed.

After, we spoke about what they thought they had brought to the Spanish and Valencian culture from their culture of origin and what the Spanish culture has contributed to their cultural and personal growth. The session was very interesting at the end, to conclude we spoke about cultural prejudices and stereotypes. It was very interesting to hear what the participants thought about interculturality and how they perceive it here in their local context.

In general, all the participants felt that people in Valencia have been very welcoming even though the national laws regarding refugees and foreign newcomers make their lives much more difficult.