Data, stories and information collected by the International Organization for Migration (OIM)
The report provides information collected during the identification and assistance activities on the phenomenon of trafficking in Italy. The report aims to contribute to the formulation of policies and initiatives to support victims and fight this phenomenon that can be coherent with the reality of the situation and the needs now associated with it.

It focuses on the arrival by sea of trafficked persons (in particular from Nigeria), whose data have been collected by IOM through its field staff and direct interviews with the victims. The report describes: the phenomenon of trafficking, solely for the purpose of sexual exploitation, in the Italian context; the activities of the IOM to combat this phenomenon; the difficulties regarding the tutelage and protection of victims of trafficking in Italy and the main vulnerabilities identified through different attended cases. These topics are illustrated with the stories of some victims identified by IOM, migrants met by the operators of the Organization in the course of the activities carried out in 2016.