Experimentation Dance Workshop in Italy by Beecom

Experimentation Dance Workshop in Italy by Beecom

Dance is a body song, whether it is joy or punishment. (Martha Graham)

On 23 and 24 October, with the collaboration of SPRAR Mugello, we realized the Dance Workshop developed by DUG, the Swedish partner who recently welcomed us to Stockholm, for the In & Out project .

In the educational workshop held in Borgo San Lorenzo, during the first day we worked - through games on trust - on the construction of the group, on self-esteem and well-being in the team. It was a useful and entertaining moment, in which the participants - 18 in total, including 4 Italians and 14 beneficiaries of SPRAR and CAS - really got involved.

On the second day, the tutors started teaching the participants a series of basic steps for a hip-hop dance, in a relaxed atmosphere of fun. The people of the group then found themselves dancing to the rhythm of music and having fun all together.

Although dance does not belong to the Beecom's experience, which has always worked on media literacy, we have discovered, with the beneficiaries, the potential of this tool also in the field of education. That's why we say thank you to DUG and the project In & Out!