DUG – Dancers Without Borders

Aims, objectives and mission

Dancers Without Borders is a Swedish NGO that implements and supports social and artistic dance projects that aim to empower people. We believe that dance can be a tool for connecting and strengthening people, locally as well as globally. We work with dance as a way to reorganize boundaries - physical, personal, spatial, social, and political.

*Main activities

Dancers Without Borders has collaborated with Project Playground, a youth center in the township Langa, outside Cape Town, South Africa, where we implemented a permanent ballet program in 2014.

DIGITAL BATTLE is a street dance battle online between young people in different countries. So far there have been three DIGITAL BATTLES: the first between Sweden and France, the second between Sweden, Iceland and Denmark and the third between Sweden and Ghana.

In August 2016, we organized an Erasmus+ training course for 38 people from Sweden, Estonia, France, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Morocco and Palestine. The participants met in Stockholm, Sweden, to share experiences on how to use dance as a tool for empowering young people and bringing them closer to the labor market. The training course ended with a performance put together by all the participants.

Best practice regarding migrant inclusion

Through the project Danspiration, dance classes for unaccompanied youth migrants in Stockholm were implemented in 2017, taking place both at centers and established open practice sessions. The project provided an opportunity for the youth participants to get a break from harsh living conditions and daily life, to try out a fun and physical activity and get to know the city’s dance culture. Though an inclusive pedagogy and flexible methods the project reached a number of over hundred youth migrants in Stockholm with surroundings. The cooperation with the already established dance practice also gave positive synergistic effects by introducing new participants to the local dance scene. Today, several of the youth that took part in the dance classes are active dancers within the dance community.

Contact person:

Ninna Oom: ninna.oom@gmail.com // 0046709557275

Love Wojnakowski: lowo@live.se // 0046739840601

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dancers-Without-Borders-1764361840503544/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDPJvLjtpp0k8GvLQeNUN0A

Instagram: dancerswithoutborders

Some data about migration in Sweden


*Updated context (Sweden - Mai 2019)

In May 2019 the Swedish government proposed to prolong the temporary law with two more years, meaning it would last until 19 July 2019. Some small changes will be made, but the reason with this strict law is still to limit the possibility to get asylum and residency in Sweden.

In July 2018 Sweden implemented a new law which made it possible for young migrants to apply for a residency in Sweden if they are part of the school system. This means that some migrants that were otherwise supposed to leave Sweden can stay in the country temporary.