Dance Experimentation in Spain – by Jarit

Here we have gathered all the participants (35) into one group. The dance workshop that was valued as very positive, was the last one closing the day's activities.

It began as a relaxation activity, pretending that the participants “dropped from head to body", and continued with the proposed exercises. The rural environment, the spacious room of the hostel, with the low lights, the fireplace lit, brought a feeling of warmth and made people unwind with more naturalness and confidence.

The group felt united, as if they knew each other for a long time. They interacted with encouragement and initiative, without any reticence, without shyness, doing their best. The teacher seemed to have no role, the feeling was that such diverse group worked by itself, in order and harmony, what we recognize as the merit of a highly experienced and professional teacher and a well-planned workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, some people said they did not know how they felt, or that they felt "as usual" or they did not feel "in any way". The reflections made at the end of the workshop confirmed that the participants felt much better than at the beginning, they said to be now aware of the improvement of their state, of their sensations of well-being, of feeling in peace, happiness and connection with others.