Aims, objectives, and mission

Beecom has been created by video-making professionals and journalists with the aim to help and support associations, NGOs, and youth-organizations from the non-profit sector in promoting and communicate their activities and values. It has already developed many youth projects in the field of video-making and citizen journalism, with a particular focus on the topics of gender, intercultural education, citizenship and youth participation, in cooperation with several other local Italian Institutions.

Main activities

In 2012 Beecom started a two years Grundtvig Partnership with other six European partners: the project aimed to improve the knowledge of e-democracy and democratic participation instruments for policy planning at the local level. Beecom members work also as trainers in “Progetto Kontatto”, a youth project aiming to support a youth&participation and to offer them quality options for their leisure time such as music, journalism, theatre, role-playing, drawing, inter-culture, English peer-to-peer. Each group is coordinated by a youth-leader but the programme is defined according to the participants need and expectation coherently with the NFE approach. Association has also previous experiences and a strong commitment to developing inter-cultural dialogue through communication campaigns and video-documentaries.

Best practice regarding migrant inclusion

Since 2016 Beecom& its members work as tutor and coordinator in “Konfine”, Konfine is one of the 8 group of Progetto Kontatto, the local youth program born in 2008 that involves every year more than 100 youths. Every Friday from 16 to 18 pm about 25 youths (migrants and Italians) meets with 2 educators in the local Community Centre. In the first part (Oct-Dec) the two sub-groups works separately. Young migrants work on Italian language skills, team and trust building. The group of local youth reflects on production and functioning of information focusing on debunking and on the process of stereotyping, migrations in mainstream and social media. From January the two sub-
groups work together in different activities such as cultural visits in Museums, educational activities, guided tour, meetings, and events.


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