Art Experimentation in Sweden – by DUG


- 2 degrees Celsius. Snow and rain. One of the biggest parks in Stockholm. Under a bridge. This could have meant some occasional joggers or people walking their dog. But this Saturday – music streaming out from big loudspeakers, hot dogs and soup on hotplates and dancers and youth workers coming from all around Sweden and other countries just to show their best moves. The joggers and dog walkers had no choice other than to stop by and see what was going on.

And what was going on? Well, this was a way of taking action, claiming space with culture, letting dance be visible in the city and showing that we have something we need to say! The atmosphere was warm and welcoming but at the same time the audience and by-passers could notice that there was something important going on. Great dancers were jamming together in cyphers in order to warm up and then show their best tricks to impress the three judges.

How important to let art be visible and open to everyone! This was a very creative and fun experiment to implement. Hopefully we can do it again!