Art Experimentation in Spain – by Jarit

On May 11th in Valencia, in the neighborhood of Russafa (where Jarit is located) and coinciding with the visit of our partners from Guadalupe (France), Italy and Sweden, Jarit implemented the Art Migrant Workshop using our proposed methodology in the framework of the In&Out project.

At the beginning of April our target group held a meeting with some representatives of the neighborhood associations. Russafa Veinal (a local associations) exposed a brief introduction to the problems of the neighborhood, the members of the association explained the importance and the urgency of claiming a sustainable neighborhood against the massive gentrification and turistification processes that Russafa has been going through in the recent years. During this meeting the idea of painting a mural in the neighborhood arose, the theme of the mural was chosen and the content was defined: For a sustainable, living and inclusive neighborhood.

The mural was painted on Saturday morning. The artist sketched the general lines on the wall and the group all together completed the painting with acrylic sparys. Some of the young migrant students of the Jarit language classes that had attended the initial meeting with the neighborhood’s associations participated in the painting; as well as the residents of the neighborhood and Jarit volunteers and workers. In the same way, our visiting partners took active part on the improvement of the neighborhood by cooperating in the “artivist” action.

Intercultural coexistence and the Sustainable Development Goals to work among the whole neighborhood
With the methodology of Art Migrant we insist on the importance of involving young migrants, together with all the people who live in the neighborhood, in the life of Russafa and the city. It’s crucial that they feel legitimated and active members of this society and thus take responsibility and the important role in their development and in the construction of a more sustainable city. Jarit's work is aimed at informing and encouraging them to participate in community social activities, showing human rights concern all of us and that we have to demand them day-to-day all together because it’s the only way to produce real change. We believe that art, creativity and culture are powerful weapons to transform and create awareness; these are universal languages ​​that create bridges and unite people. In the case of public art, it is a powerful indicator of the state of society, a vigorous messenger of its dreams, indignation, its claims and achievements.