Art Experimentation in Italy – by Beecom



In the last weeks, thanks to the collaboration with the SPRAR Mugello, and to the creativity of Giada Ciampi, Beecom has realized another of the laboratories foreseen by the In & Out project; in this case dedicated to art as an instrument of claiming rights. The idea of this path comes from the experience of our Spanish partner Jarit who for many years now has created in Valencia "Arte Migrante" a festival that is also a real and continuous strategy of participation in the Ruzafa district. In this neighborhood, on the occasion of the Carnival, an exhibition of reclaimed works of art is realized: sheets, sheets, installations and sculptures hanging from the balconies overlooking the city's streets; this is why the initiative is called "Les Balconades".

We have rethought this project, proposing an action that involves activists and artists in Valencia for over a year of continuous work, in an experience lasting two mornings.

The participants first analyzed what could mean for them the theme of art and of the claim and then reflect on what themes they care about and how, in a group, it was possible to translate these needs into drawings and slogans suitable for long sheets that then they were hung on the windows of the Villa La Brocchi, where the SPRAR Mugello coordination is based.

Once again, the European project In & Out, of which we are partners, has faced the challenge of thinking new tools and adapting them to specific targets, redesigning the map of skills that - as educators - we are called to put into practice to support, and if possible improve the experience of the path towards the integration of those who arrive in our country as migrants.