ADILES (coordinator)

The Association for the Development of Initiatives of European Island Regions (ADILES), a non-profit organization based in Guadeloupe (RUP France) is a collaborative project built on an observation: the difficulty for youth workers located in the regions European islanders to put their professional practices into practice and to develop their activities and cooperation projects in a sustainable manner in relation to other territories.


The association's mission is to develop professional skills, stimulate exchanges of practices, intercultural dialogue, networking between the territories of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) region and the European Union. As such, it designs and implements transnational projects aimed at strengthening the capacity of institutional players in the RUP island regions in the areas of entrepreneurship, volunteer involvement and involvement in the civic life of young people. social and professional integration as well as the inclusion of so-called vulnerable publics (young people, women, migrants, disabled people, etc.).

Priorities of actions

→ reinforce the professional capacities of educational actors working with disadvantaged groups (young people, newcomer migrants, women, etc.);
→ to open to youth workers working with disadvantaged groups opportunities for networking, professional contacts and productive alliances with their European and international counterparts working in the field of professional integration and inclusion;
→ facilitate access to information and improve knowledge of regional and European schemes and the provision of programs and training on the inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

The ADILES assists associations, professional organizations (International employment center, Cité des métiers ...), and local authorities (region, department, municipalities, agglomeration communities) in setting up information actions and sensitization to build the capacity of so-called vulnerable audiences.

In this context, she:
→ support the development of transnational cooperation projects and the implementation of communication actions aimed at social integration and engagement through culture, volunteering,
→ carries out and participates in information and training actions on the integration of migrants and develops, in partnership with local operators (associations, clubs, training centers, etc.), actions in favor of learning French and foreign languages ;
→ supports local authorities and local operators in evaluation missions for regional cooperation projects.

ADILES initiated and coordinates the In&Out strategic partnership project.