7 art initiatives that are transforming the lives of refugees

In this article, you will find 7 great art initiatives that are transforming the lives of refugees.

The first one is in Paris and concerns the walls along the Seine.

It is a photo exhibition along the banks that now includes a 370-meter long panorama featuring portraits of refugees and photographs taken by Syrian refugee children living in Iraq.

The exhibition is titled “Dreams of Humanity” and was organized in collaboration with famous photojournalist Reza in partnership with UNHCR.

So what exactly is the objective of the photographs? Reza explains that at the core of this project is the hope that the photos will provide a way for refugee children to tell their own stories.

“When I start a workshop, I used to say to my students that I’m not there to teach them photography but to give them a tool that will allow them to tell the world, in a universal language, their desires, their dreams, their lives,” Reza explained to France 24.

It’s no secret that art can be used as a powerful advocacy tool to communicate stories, as exemplified by “Dream of Humanity.” But art can also provide a vehicle for self-development and personal expression, in addition to the numerous benefits of using art as a therapeutic technique.

As the number of refugees in the world hits a staggering 60 million, there’s a growing need for programs that enable refugees to harness this creative process and foster new channels for their voices.

Whether it’s through photography, painting, film or one of the many other mediums to express one’s creativity; art provides a platform to raise awareness and encourages refugees to realize their own potential.

We’ve rounded up seven inspiring projects that are helping to do just this.